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Already guy's back to College Life

This story about the life of a college student named Aogami Haruto, born in the rural and have to try to adapt urban environments because he had to continue his education at prestigious universities, but many choices he made, if he could choose the right option ?.

Be Friend or Boyfriend
Build friendships with a lot of character because it would be very useful, and build a relationship with one of the characters to be your boyfriend to reach the ending.

1000+ Option You Can Choose
More than a thousand options that you choose, but be careful because every option in select will determine your friendship, your relationship, and your ending that will happen in the game.

Fix a friend problem
Each of your friends have their own problems, get to know them, according to their problems and fix their problems, because with them you will fix the problem up to obtain a better ending.

Get a You Own Ending
There are more than five categories of endings, ranging from worst to best in the set of your options which you choose, however many conditions that can drag you into a bad ending, so be careful in determining your choice, you do not want it to make Haruto suffer?.

And More Features

  • Modernistic Graphical User Interface
  • Chatting NVL System
  • Explore the Tokyo
  • Japanese Kemono Artstyle
  • High Quality Artwork
  • Character with Voice Actor
  • Achievement to be attained
  • Collecting images to Gallery
  • Listen to a music in Music Room
  • Watch all Cutscene
  • Playback you favorite moments





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Windows v0.0.8 Alpha 87 MB
Mac OS X v0.0.8 Alpha 86 MB
Linux v0.0.8 Alpha 89 MB
Windows v0.0.7 Alpha 61 MB
Mac OS X v0.0.7 Alpha 59 MB
Linux v0.0.7 Alpha 63 MB
Windows v0.0.6 Alpha 63 MB
Linux v0.0.6 Alpha 66 MB

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It's interesting so far, however I can only play a little at a time, because the English grammar is BAD.

Also, Itch hasn't been updated since 2017, but their Patreon shows they're still working on it, albeit slowly.

Also, their Gamejolt link is wrong. It's this.


is this dead?

I know this old, however I still think I can answer.

Their Patreon has had more recent posts (January 20th at the moment), so the project isn't dead, however they don't seem to care about updating itch.

awww...it's not available for Android...😦

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In my own perspective, I liked it. Even if it's not finished, this visual novel definitely has the potential. Although there were some.. obvious problems:

Grammar - Well that's been clearly noted by some of the people who got this, but since your group is focused solely on other things, it's understandable.

Length of Demo - This one is self-explanatory. Since it's still under production, of course it would be short. But somehow I just felt like something's missing. The abruptness of instantly going back to the menu after a click during a conversation will confuse players/readers into thinking what went on, like "Is there something wrong with the one I downloaded?" It would be nice if you were to put up a message or so explaining that it's the end for now and not let people into thinking they can't get any further when it's not even done.

Despite the downsides, Here are some things I liked about the visual novel:

Diversity - The characters have pretty interesting personalities and pushes me into discovering them more. The fact that each one has a trait the other doesn't gives me the feeling that I have plenty of choices, and that's what makes them special. Even if I've only seen two, that number is just enough simply by seeing their nature.

Design - The grey tabs really give the vibe of a "You're in a modern city" along with the Google+ menu and that improves the game's quality. The ability to see what the weather today is, is just a cute little widget I don't see in other visual novels I've seen. To be honest this actually reminds me of Persona 5, And that's a good thing.

"You get an achievement" - Now I really love this. Saying that you get an achievement after doing or finishing a specific task etc. is just a wonderful idea. I don't know why, but I definitely like this little idea. It's just nice to see all the achievements you've done in the past few minutes, despite it only being one.

Info - Some visual novels can be overwhelming to read because of the lack of explanation. Adding this into the options are guaranteed to help the player avoid vagueness and make them catch up with the story pretty easily.

Art - Lovely. Just lovely. Despite you people being Indonesian, I'm impressed with how you made it seem like it's definitely from Japan. Hands down, applauding you.

Player - I only have four words to describe him. Just. Too. Damn. Cute.

There's not much downsides to it because, as I've said earlier, this novel has the potential, and since this is still a demo. So far I sort of enjoyed it but it kind of ruined for me when it just ended right after reaching the university, since I thought I was gonna meet another hot juicy husbando stranger to make friends with. (And definitely not make out with. *blush* *blush* *is obviously lying* )

Despite it being short, I'm rooting for this novel to continue. And while you developers are at it, I have a few suggestions you could use in the future.

Sound Effects - Holy moly, this is what makes a novel more worth and interesting to read. Even if it's not much and may seem small, but trust me, small things like these give a big impact. Hovering your mouse on a choice with a SFX makes it blend more lively with the atmosphere, and so that the background music won't be so lonely.

A bit of character animations - Occasionally, it can be a bit depressing to look at your husbando not budging one bit. Just looking at them doing adorable gestures like flickering their ears or blinking makes them feel more alive and worth smooching.

Voiceover - Now this one's optional. Not only is this costly but it's hard to do as well, because finding the right people to do it is not a simple "point and click". But because of how I saw the demo, it definitely needs one to turn it into a beautiful wonderland. If you manage to do this, then. . . just seriously, you guys are the best. (*Edit: Just saw the post on Gamejolt. You guys really are the best. <3)

(Tbh Kuhaku looks so hot 0mg Im gonna die squee!!!<3 <3 <3)

That's my critique on the game for now. To be more frank, I've only seen more positives and barely any negatives at all. The mistakes there are forgivable, so they don't count as wrong. Still, I'm looking forward to this novel! It's upsetting to see that this novel doesn't have that much support.. but I'll be sure to show this to my friends. I hope you have a good day! :)

(P.S. I'm more than willing to volunteer in helping with grammar. You don't have to give me anything in return. Just be the creative developers you always are and do what you must! ^^)

(1 edit)

Forgive us for the slow response, but we thank you very much for your opinion, it's a boost for us to continue to grow this game, and we hope we can continue  to make you satisfied, sorry  for all uncomfortable and thanks.

- NNaosuke Team

You need a native English speaker, or at least someone who is fluent in the language. I could offer you some help in that regard, if you'd like.

We appreciate your kindness, but we are still in the early stages of our game making, so we just focus first on making game assets "like characters, backgrounds and UI" . Although we admit that our english is not so good "it's because we are Indonesian", so for the moment we do not need it, sorry for all uncomfortable and thanks.

- NNaosuke Team

Are you in need of some help with this?

Unnecessarily, we're just lagging behind some games for some game assets due to work out-of-game issues from every staff on our team, sorry for all uncomfortable and thanks.

- NNaosuke Team

Well I wouldn't mind helping out. I have done a visual novel demo but in Tyrano builder Visual Novel Studio. I was thinking that maybe I could give it a try in that and see how it would go? But just so you can see if it's easier for your project. You're using Ren'Py am I correct?

Plus I'm also an inker and flat colorist, so I can help with the art too if needed. 

We appreciate your kindness, But we can handle it this time, and we already have enough teams to work on this project,  sorry for all uncomfortable and thanks.

- NNaosuke Team

No worries. And if you do need help, I'll gladly do so.

The interface looks very well made but the demo is way too short.

First, you should get a proofreader or a proofreading program. I'd suggest using Grammarly as it's free and correct most basic spelling and grammatical errors and if you have money you can upgrade to premium to make it even more effective.

After you have made the game to be at least an hour long, you should post it to u18chan or Furaffinity for some traffic (the people on u18chan are quite mean though so don't take their jokes too seriously).

Your character art looks very nice (Especially the faces) but the body anatomy is kind of strange so I encourage you to look up more anatomy guides to improve

I hope things goes well for you and the development of this game

Thanks for your opinion, we admit, some of our members have some shortcomings, but we we will continue to develop this game to completion, sorry for all uncomfortable and thanks.

- NNaosuke Team


So... I tried your game and... I want to say something.

I know that it's only early alpha for test, yeah, but... I think that 5 minutes of gameplay is too short even for demo alpha version (played in alpha 0.04). That's only the mini-prologue scene, but I was really "surprised" when the game ended. I don't even to understand what happened.

But if to close the eyes on that... And look into bright and nice future...

I see an awful English. Seriously, it isn't my first language, and I already see many mistakes... That's not good to present product on Patreon with such a quality. I think that you don't even edit the text :( Examples...

"Aww... I thristy"

"Are you oke ?,you look not good."

"W-what wrong ?,you don't like a mineral water ?."

"Ow.. God... ,I be like alive again"

"Nothing,bay the way,take this,you keep thristy right."

"Can I asking somethink ?."

"His gone,but that okey,before is a good talking."

And so many... Almost every phrase has a mistakes in punctuation and spelling. I don't even know what to think... Guys, please, say that you're tried... Agh... Mmmhh... :(

I really want to see more gay furry VN in this world in English... It seems like I overestimated my expectations... Ugh... Just a bit.

Good luck anyway. Hope that that game will improve for the better. Thanks.

Thank you for your comment, indeed still a lot of things we need to fix, so forgive us for the mistakes that we made, but we will continue with this project and repair all mistakes in future update, sorry for all uncomfortable and thanks.

- NNaosuke Team